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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Are You a Walking Billboard For Christ Or A False Advertisement?

A "kilig"(hoity-toity) moment - When I had my own billboard at EDSA :) - 2012

Here in the Philippines, our major thoroughfare, EDSA, has thousands of billboards from end to end.

Traffic is horrendous daily except on Sundays, so advertisers take advantage of the snail-paced movement of the vehicles to maximize their products' potential by putting up billboards.

A "parking lot" on really bad days
A billboard is "a large outdoor display for displaying advertisements."

It may entice a customer to try the advertised product if they :

1) like the endorser and
2) if the billboard is tempting enough.

Lovely Filipina-Aussie Actress Anne Curtis - Manila's "Billboard Queen"
Anne Curtis has hundreds of billboards all over EDSA

The proof, they say, is in the pudding. Once the customer has bought the product from having been lured by the billboard, he or she will then judge if the product will deliver results. If the purchase is found wanting, rest assured, that customer is not going to buy again. It was good to look at, lovely to hold, but once it failed to live up to expectations, never again will it be sold. It simply didn't walk its talk. The billboard was only good for show.

As Christians who profess to love God and follow Him, we are walking, talking, breathing billboards for Christ, whether we like it or not.

People, especially those who are of different or no faith, will look at us and observe our mannerisms, speech and decorum: Who is this Christ they are advertising? Is He really all that? Is He Who they profess Himself to be or is He just all one BIG HYPE?

Since Christ is no longer "here" in this world (in Human Form), He has entrusted to US the job to advertise Him via our lives.

Walking Billboards For Christ

Given that this is a HUGE "advertising campaign", we should ask ourselves.

Are we:
  • kind and gentle in spirit
  • peaceable and mild-mannered
  • generous in our time, talent and treasure
  • respectful of others, especially of our husbands
  • cheerful and joyful with no fear of the future
  • patient and forgiving
  • modest and dignified

                 Or are we:  

  • inconsiderate and harsh 
  • contentious and vulgar
  • miserly and greedy
  • disrespectful and rude
  • sulky, joyless and worrisome
  • impatient and proud
  • indecent and dishonorable

If we have a lot of checks on the first question, then THERE IS TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!!! :)

If we have a lot more checks on the second question than the first, then dear sisters, that is gravely FALSE ADVERTISING. 

We are doing God a disservice by our false witnessing. :(
People who see us will be repelled by this Jesus we are professing to follow. :(
We will be maligning the Word. :(

As Christian wives, we are instructed to:

                                                                   Titus 2:5
"... live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God."

                                    TITO 2:5
5Ang mga kabataang ito’y kailangan ding turuan na maging mahinahon, malinis ang isipan, masipag sa gawaing bahay, mabait, at masunurin sa kanilang asawa upang walang masabi ang sinuman laban sa salita ng Diyos nang dahil sa kanila.

15 years old sulky Nikka
I gave up my life to Jesus at the young age of 11. I remember telling God that I wanted Him to be my Lord and Savior and that I wanted to follow Him.

I remember being a walking FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.

I would tell others of my great faith in God but was always depressed, envious, unforgiving, and judgmental. It also did not help that even how I looked maligned God's Word.

When I reached college, some boy classmates would ask me (!) for cigarettes. I, who have never puffed a cig in my life! When I would tell them that I didn't smoke and would never smoke, they would be surprised and say that I certainly "looked the part." Yikes. :(

Fast-track to adulthood and married life, I was still a living contradiction.
Words of Faith Billboard

I was very verbal about my love for Christ, of making Him Number One, of trusting Him with my whole life, and yet...

  • I was very controlling of Dong and everyone/everything around me (which showed how little I trusted God but only trusted myself).
  • I was very prideful (I felt that I was better than my husband in most aspects).
  • I was very judgmental and self-righteous. (I could only see my husband's faults and glossed over mine).
  • I was very worrisome and fearful of the future (which showed lack of faith in God).
  • I was prone to putting things in my hands, thinking that I can make things right and on-track (not my husband Dong and though I did not say it nor admit it, not even God). 

I pray that I did not turn off a LOT of people with my prideful ways. :( I am hoping that even if I was a living contradiction, they still somehow saw Christ in me. In fairness to myself, I really LOVED God and wanted to be a blessing to others, but I was blind to my sinful ways.:(

It is only God Who is able to make us SEE ourselves for who and what we really are.

And when He opened up my eyes, boy, was I in for an ugly surprise! I found myself to be guilty of FALSE ADVERTISING. I did not walk the talk. I was unwittingly misleading. I was unknowingly deceptive. There was no truth to what I was saying because I myself was not believing my own talk! It was empty pep talk. I was "advertising" Jesus, but in fact, I was believing all the LIES the enemy was feeding into my head. If I were an over-the-counter drug, my warning label would have read:

                                         FALSE CHRISTIAN!!!

But what is the TRUTH?

John 8:31-32 (part)

31 ... Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

                                                  Juan 8:31-32 (bahagi)

8:31 ...Kung kayo'y magsisipanatili sa aking salita, kung magkagayo'y tunay nga kayong mga alagad ko;
8:32 At inyong makikilala ang katotohanan, at ang katotohana'y magpapalaya sa inyo.

The Lord opened my eyes in September 2013 to the TRUTH about myself, that is, that I was sinful and prideful and that this was getting in the way of His Plans for me.

He made me see the TRUTH that only in Him will I experience TRUE PEACE and JOY. :)

I thank God for breaking me free from my bondages caused by my believing in the enemy's lies for so long.

Now that He has given me a new and peaceful spirit, my prayer is that I will not veer away from the TRUE Course again, ever. I also pray that I am glorifying Him and will continue to glorify Him with this blog, with my life, with my relationships... and that I can now be a TRUE, LIVING TESTIMONY to His Goodness.

This should now be my BILLBOARD. :) And, YOURS too! :)
E-Bay Sticker (edited)

Let us all walk the talk; and be living, breathing, walking billboards for Jesus Christ. 

Christ's salvation is FREE, so try it now! :)

May we all be richly blessed! :)

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