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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lies That Women Believe

Pregnant at 6months with our first child, 2004

When I got married to Dong, a few short weeks after that, he bought me this Christian book, "Lies Women Believe (And The Truth That Sets Them Free)" by Nancy Leigh De Moss. It was according to him, to make me feel more at peace, since I have just come from a very EXTREME TRIAL of demonic proportions.

I loved reading it and it convicted me of a lot of my sins back then.

In retrospect, as I have told Dong recently, that phase in my life as a young housewife was far happier than my phase as a go-getter, career-oriented, lots-on-her-plate career woman just a year or two after that. I was quite relaxed then and I just waited on Dong and cooked for him, while nurturing the baby in my womb at that time, Therese.

How easy it is to forget the precepts of the Lord when one is caught in all the busy-ness of life!
How easy it is to revert to being self-centered and controlling and putting it all in one's hands instead of relying on God to direct one's path!

Here are some of the LIES THAT WOMEN BELIEVE and the TRUTH that would SET THEM, US, I... FREE:

There are 40 lies in the book but I will post only those that really hit home with me back at that time, and even now.

  1. THE LIE: A career outside the home is more valuable and fulfilling than being a wife and mother.                                                                                                                                THE TRUTH:
    • In the will of God, there is no higher, holier calling than to be a wife and mother.
    • God uniquely designed the woman to be a bearer and nurturer of life.
    • There is no greater measure of a woman’s worth or success than the extent to which she serves as the heart of her home.
    • God’s plan is that a woman’s primary attention and efforts should be devoted to ministering to the needs of her husband and children.

  2. THE LIE: I have to have a husband to be happy.                                                                     THE TRUTH:
    • Happiness is not found in (or out of) marriage.
    • There is no person who can meet my deepest needs. No one and nothing can make me truly happy, apart from God.
    • God has promised to provide everything I need. If He will receive more glory by my being married, then He will provide a husband for me.
    • Those who wait on the Lord always get His best. Those who insist on getting what they want often end up with heartache.

  3. THE LIE: It is my responsibility to change my mate.                                                             THE TRUTH:
    • A godly life and prayer are a wife’s two greatest means of influencing her husband’s life.
    • It is far more effective for a woman to appeal to the Lord to change her husband than to try to exert pressure on him directly.

  4. THE LIE: My husband is supposed to serve me.                                                             THE TRUTH:
    • If I expect to be served, I will often be disappointed. If I seek to serve others, without expecting anything in return, I will never be disappointed.
    • God made the woman to be a helper to the man.
    • We are never more like Jesus than when we are serving others.

  5. THE LIE: If I submit to my husband, I’ll be miserable.                                                         THE TRUTH:
    • Submission places me under the covering and protection of God, who controls the “heart of the king.”
    • When I step out from under authority, I become vulnerable to the attacks of the Enemy.
    • My willingness to place myself under God-ordained authority is the greatest evidence of how big I believe God really is.
    • Reverent submission is a wife’s greatest means of influencing a husband who is not walking with God.
    • A wife’s response to her husband’s authority should determine the way the church is to submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus.

  6. THE LIE: If my husband is passive, I’ve got to take the initiative, or nothing will get done. THE TRUTH:
    • God created the man to be an initiator and the woman to be a responder.
    • If a woman takes the reins rather than waiting on God to move her husband, her husband is likely to be less motivated to fulfill his God-given responsibility.

  7. THE LIE: Sometimes divorce is a better option than staying in a bad marriage.                        THE TRUTH:
    • Marriage is a lifelong covenant that is intended to reflect the covenant-keeping heart of God. As He is faithful to His covenant, so we must be faithful to keep our marriage covenant.
    • There is no marriage God cannot heal. There is no person God cannot change.
    • God uses the rough edges of each partner in a marriage to conform the other to the image of Christ.
    • God’s grace is sufficient to enable you to be faithful to your mate and to love and forgive without limit.

  8. THE LIE: It’s up to us to determine the size of our family.                                           THE TRUTH:
    • God is the Creator and Giver of life.
    • Anything that hinders or discourages women from fulfilling their God-given calling to be bearers and nurturers of life furthers Satan’s schemes and aids in his efforts.
    • One of the purposes of marriage is to produce a “godly offspring.”
    Childbearing is a basic, God-given role for women. Children are to be received as a blessing from God. 

It is so easy to get caught up in all the lies that the devil taunts us with. Only when we read about the Truth in the Bible do we get to know that all these are just evil schemes by the enemy to muddle our understanding of where we stand and who we really are before God.

 John 8:44

"You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies.

Juan 8:44

44 Kayo'y sa inyong amang diablo, at ang mga nais ng inyong ama ang ibig ninyong gawin. Siya'y isang mamamatay-tao buhat pa nang una, at hindi nananatili sa katotohanan, sapagka't walang katotohanan sa kaniya. Pagka nagsasalita siya ng kasinungalingan, ay nagsasalita siya ng sa ganang kaniya: sapagka't siya'y isang sinungaling, at ama nito. 

This was such a lovely Christian book. I recommend it for any woman, whether single or married who desires the Truth. It is written with Adam and Eve in make-believe circumstances and how they would have reacted to problems besetting them. Cute book, really, with LOADS of WISDOM. :)

My prayer is that all women, especially the wives out there will learn the truth about themselves and their marriages, so that God will be glorified! May we all be richly blessed! :) 


  1. HI, again...I bought the book "And the truth sets them free" during my lunch break! Can't wait to read it! I'm sure this book will be good for me since I'm having issues in many areas.


    1. Hi Kandi!!! :)

      On our bedside table under my Bible is that book. I love that book! :) I read it nearly daily. It was crucial to my having surrendered to God fully last September 1, 2013. It's full of Godly wisdom. May it open your spiritual eyes to a lot of lies by the devil contrasted to God's Truth. The Truth really does set us free!!! :) Excited for you. Tell me your insights. :)

      God bless! :)



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